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CL5: 5-Axis workholding system

Posted by D.P. on

The CL5, workholding with 5 axis quick change is comprised of 3 methods: fixture plate mounted on a rotary table, a Quintus quick-change riser mounted on a rotary table or subplate mounted on a rotary table.

Designed to remove the piece from the machine table, the Quintus quick-change lifter allows access to 5-sided parts.

The CL5 offers 3 clamping methods:

1. Fixing plate mounted on a rotating table. This method is ideal for the small rotary table up to 210 mm in diameter. The fixing plates are precisely located and fixed directly to the turntable.

2. Quintus mounted on a rotating table. The method provides an additional height for the spindle clearance. Allows you to mount quickly and accurately directly on rotating tables of 250 mm diameter and more.

3. Plate mounted on a rotary table. This method id is appropriate for all machines. The Quintus elevator is mounted on a subplate to allow quick exchange of the elevator with other fixtures.

Need an alternative to your current end mill?

There are many reasons why we need to get carbide end mills similar to the once we currently use. Some times our main supplier runs out of stock and we haven’t been able to find the exact same tool with another distributor. Other times we are pressured to reduce cost on our consumables and we want to search for an [...]

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​Factors to consider while designing your fixtures

A fixture is a tool commonly used in the manufacturing industry to hold a device and to be able to machine or assemble a large number of parts, always guaranteeing the interchangeability of the components.One of the purposes of the fixtures is to reduce costs, so they must be designed in such a way that the cost reduction is greater [...]

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What are Ball Plungers used for?

Ball plungers have various applications in fixtures and fastening. There are plungers that can be held without applying great pressure. This allows you to install them in drilled holes without requiring too much precision in the drilling. This type of plungers have a tolerance of up to .008” (0.20mm).Among its applications:Position: On the one hand you have the ball plunger and [...]

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Make excellent threads with your hand taps

Although it looks simple, there’s a lot of adverse situations that might happen while using hand taps to make threads on holes. Follow this tips to get excellent threads every time.Know your drill bitStore your taps with their respective drill bits. If the hole is too big then you’ll have shallow threads and they can get damaged quicker. It can [...]

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Optimum cutting tools for Aluminum

We commonly assume that when cutting aluminum we can use any cutting tool as it is an easy material to cut. This statement is not entirely incorrect, although if one is aware of the costs of production we could consider some premises when choosing the tool.Aluminum parts manufacturers know how important it is to have the correct style of cutters, taking [...]

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Increase your threading performance!

When chip removal is a problem often, forming taps can provide a solution. No chips are cut but the metal is pushed or formed. METFLO from Regal Cutting Tools forms stronger threads & with the correct sized hole we eliminate oversize threads. It is required to apply different tests depending on the material used. It is important [...]

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